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Mazda RX-01 Concept
Mazda RX-01 B&W Oct 95

Car & Driver said of the RX-01: "The total weight of this sleek little sportster is estimated at 2425 pounds, or 400 pounds lighter than the already feathery RX-7."

Road & Track said of the RX-01: "The engine growls at low rpm, smoothly changing to a nice baritone in midrange and into a fantastic tenor at high speeds, more than 8500 rpm, at which it pumps out 220 bhp. Low- and mid-speed torque is quite good, culminating at 159 lb.-ft. at 6000 rpm".


                 RX-01                         RX-7 (3rd gen.)
Engine            MSPRE 2 rotor non-turbo       13B twin turbo
HP		  217, 220@8500 rpm, or 227     255
Torque            159 ftlb at 6500 rpm          --
Weight            1100 kg (2425 lb)             2825 lb
Air Efficiency    +30%                          --
Eng Location      8 in. back, 2.2 in. lower     --
Lubrication	  Dry Sump                      Wet Sump
Transmission      5 spd manual                  5 spd manual
Suspension        unequal length A-arms         --
Len x Wd x Ht	  4.055 x 1.73 x 1.245 m        4.28 x ? x ? m
Len x Wd x Ht     159.6 x 68.1 x 49.0 in.
Wheelbase	  2.345 m (92.3 in.)            2.425 m
Headlights        Cntrl Discharge Fibre Optic   Halogen
Seating           Two + 2                       Two
Cabin Space       Same as RX-7                  --
Trunk Space       Increased over RX-7           --
Mazda RX-01 On Road

Mazda RX-01 3/4 Rear View

Notes: Polar moment of inertia is 30% lower in the RX-01 because the engine, fuel tank, and battery are located inside the wheelbase for even greater agility. Headlights are below American and Japanese legal heights.

These three SAE papers may be about the Multiple Side Port Rotary Engine. They were published in the past 12 months.

950452 High speed electronic fuel injection for direct injected rotary engine 950453 A review and thermodynamic analysis of a rotary-vee internal combustion engine 950454 The characteristics of fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of the side exhaust port rotary engine

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